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Packaging design - what we do best

The packaging must stand out from other packaging and be consistent with our visual identification of the brand or product range.

As graphic designers, we design packagingand labels that "make the difference" on the shelf.


Packaging design, i.e. graphic design of packaging

Graphic design has great power - the visual appearance of the packaging can encourage purchasing decisions by the buyer

The graphic design of the packaging will draw attention to the form as you determine.


The ABC of good packaging

The packaging design is not only to look on the computer but finally in the hands of the customer. Therefore, we will choose the colors to the material used, we will bring our experience to your product, which will make the completed packaging design unique.



Packaging design, price list

Write us what you need and we will quote your original packaging design.

If you also want to perform production with us, we will be happy to present an offer. So we are waiting for your move! :)