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Production of personalized jigsaw puzzles without secrets.

The puzzle production process is a demanding process. Different technologies are used in the puzzle production phase and each puzzle manufacturer has its own unique machine park. Thanks to this, it can be enough to cut puzzles and obtain the final shape of our puzzles. During the die-cutting process, individual pieces of the puzzle are cut out with a pressure of even several tons.

prepared for you the standardization of puzzle production , for people who have not yet created their range of products. It does not require the creation of a puzzle prototype, it can only touch the finished products, which will be 1:1 from previous puzzle productions. In addition, thanks to this, the production of puzzles takes much less time due to the omission of designing dedicated puzzle dies. Which of course has a positive effect on the price.



Create photo jigsaw puzzle and print your own personalised jigsaw puzzle.

Personalised puzzle variations.

We have been producing personalized puzzles based on individual guidelines for years.

The quality of personalized puzzles is selected by you and you decide how the final product will look like.


Dedicated packaging and boxes of personalized puzzles

An important element of the puzzle is the packaging of the puzzle, which must have the right form, as well as the graphic design.

The packaging of the puzzle must encourage to solve the puzzle, i.e. the potential purchase of our product.





Premium photo puzzle, advertising puzzles and more...

We are pleased with the great interest in jigsaw puzzles and puzzle games. If you choose an advertising puzzle, you certainly want to expand your marketing activities in an interesting way. The completion of your first puzzles will be very important to us.

We, as a manufacturer of advertising puzzles, will take care of your company's image together with you. We will produce high-quality advertising puzzles with your brand. Advertising puzzles, advertising puzzles have entered the creative form of expressing your image.

  personalised jigsaw reviews


Order advertising puzzles and gain business development - Take a look at personalised jigsaw reviews.

For small children, puzzles are always a hit gift. Solving puzzles will make every child, parent or our client happy :) Creating advertising puzzles with us will be quick and efficient. When deciding on puzzles, companies are distinguished by their unconventional operation.




Modify, edit the operating code and technical parameters of your unique jigsaw puzzle designs

There are many companies offering puzzles, but the best manufacturer of puzzles can be known that it can operate outside the schemes developed on the "puzzle market". We optimize the production costs of the puzzles and together with you we will enjoy all the elements of the puzzle. We carry out individual orders for the number of elements or the size of our puzzle. Your custom puzzle designs will be original.




Thousands of elements for one product - own production of personalized puzzles

In the case of the production of puzzles, we offer you an individual approach to the implementation of the project. Production of classic jigsaw puzzles to standards or customized jigsaw puzzle production to order. High-volume puzzle production? Production of high-element puzzles? Puzzles made of the highest quality materials or ecological materials?

Decide for yourself what your unique and unrepeatable puzzles should look like.

See our production proposal or send us guidelines for creating puzzlesone of a kind.




Production of custom-made puzzles - 3 ideas on how to use them.  

Puzzles according to your own idea are undoubtedly ... a great idea! In this post, we will tell you what you can use custom-made puzzles for . There is no doubt that, firstly, they can be extremely interesting, and secondly, they will certainly be unique. Another plus is the fact that making puzzles to order nowadays is very easy, not to say childishly easy. This process does not require any specialist knowledge or long preparations from the ordering party.


Therefore, if you are looking for a company that will transform what your imagination tells you into a finished project, you are in the right place. Production of custom puzzles is one of our key services. Years of experience give us the ability to provide comprehensive services at the highest level. However, knowledge of the market and customer needs allow us to advise professionally. In turn, the acquired knowledge and specialized equipment guarantee the highest quality of custom-made puzzles. That's why your idea is enough, and the rest will be taken care of by the manufacturer of custom-made puzzles , i.e. our Puzzle Factory!

And now the promised ideas on how to use custom-made puzzles.


Custom puzzles - a great advertising gadget

It is well known that marketing is the lever of commerce. Many companies use various marketing activities to have an established position in the market. It's safe to say that the puzzle over timeCustom puzzles are one of the most ingenious advertising gadgets. Corporate puzzles can be universal or refer to, for example, specific circumstances, events, holidays. Introducing a new product, promoting a brand , or a Christmas gift, in this and many other projects, custom-made puzzles will work. If you already have an idea on your mind, do not hesitate, contact us and we will tell you how to implement it. We know the realities of the Polish puzzle market very well and not only. We operate throughout the Eurozone and deliver valuable products. Explore all puzzle manufacture products .


Custom puzzles for kindergartens and schools

Puzzles are a great educational toy for children in kindergartens and schools. Of course, you can buy a ready-made product, but there is also the option to make your own. According to an individual idea and created exactly to meet the needs. The production of custom-made puzzles is becoming more and more popular in this case, because the puzzles can be 100% matched to the demand. When designing puzzles for children , every detail should be taken into account. This is even more important if the puzzles are also to have an educational dimension.

Custom puzzles can be adapted to the curriculum or improve specific skills. Thanks to specially prepared puzzles, the youngest are eager to learn through play. In turn, teachers and tutors can conduct classes in an interesting way.


An interesting product for your store and more

If you have a toy store, gift shop, souvenir shop, bookstore or game store, you can enrich the assortment with custom-made puzzles. They may concern what is local or topics close to customers. Regardless of whether your business is online or you run it stationary, the production of custom-made puzzles can be an interesting idea that will result in a great product. The more so that our puzzles are made of proven and safe materials. And we produce them with attention to the smallest detail.

Are you thinking about producing your own puzzles and want to visualize it? Imagine a gift shop where, in addition to magnets and key chains, you can buy puzzles with a tourist attraction. Or a bookstore where you can buy puzzles with local landscapes or buildings. It's a really great idea!

Custom puzzles are also a great idea for many artists, e.g. photographers. So if you take photos professionally, it might be a good idea to launch a "limited edition" puzzle based on your own work. Such puzzles are a great product and, at the same time, a great promotional tool.



Custom puzzles - take the next step

Puzzles are bought by children and parents for children. We know perfectly well that each client is different, and thus the ideas and needs are very different. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us and talk. Tell us what you are looking for and we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you. And as a result, you will enjoy your own high-quality puzzles and the product reaches a satisfied target customer. Create your first puzzle consisting of your individual design.


Traditional and non-standard puzzles - Puzzle Manufacture (

What is important, you will get everything in one place! At the Puzzle Factory, we design puzzles according to your wishes. We make puzzles to order, packaging for them, and we also deal with logistics issues. And we're really good at it!

See our other proposal for the production of memory games, domino games, frame puzzles or board games.


Do you like your own photo gifts puzzle? How about your own professional custom jigsaw puzzle ?

Therefore, regardless of whether you are the owner of a store or warehouse, a marketing director or you have the soul of an artist, custom-made puzzles will pass the exam perfectly. We guarantee that the world loves puzzles, and we love designing, producing and delivering puzzles of the highest quality. This can only be done if certain conditions are met. Color accuracy will be maintained, high-quality materials will be selected and everything will be printed on technologically advanced dies. That is why dreams about your own puzzles are worth realizing with Fabryka Puzzle!


If you are not interested in custom production, then take a look at our interesting puzzles that we have in the store.

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