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Educational games for children – board games, educational or puzzle board games to choose?

Educational games are a great choice for children of all ages. They help in learning numbers and letters, improve perceptiveness, positively affect concentration and memory. They develop fine motor skills and even facilitate learning foreign languages. All this makes it definitely worth having them in your home. Which educational games will be the best? Which ones are worth paying attention to? Answer.


Educational game for children – why is it worth giving them to a child?

Educational games for children are often associated with one theme. For example, they allow you to expand your knowledge in the field of geography or biology. Toddlers learn new countries or expressions, learn to name parts of the human body or perform mathematical calculations. Educational games also allow you to develop your first passions.

Skillfully selected titles teach the principles of cooperation, allow you to spend time great, as well as strengthen ties with peers and family. What's more, the longer children play them, the sooner they are able to understand that you don't always win. They also know their strengths and weaknesses. The experience gained from this type of games will therefore be useful at the next stages of life. In addition, many titles stimulate the mind, thanks to which new neural connections are created in the brain. The benefits of such games are therefore innumerable! Which ones deserve special attention?


Educational games for a 9-year-old - the most popular educational games

Are you interested in educational games for a 9-year-old? In that case, check out the titles that will take care not only of its development, but also provide it with a lot of entertainment!

"Wizards Tournament" (Eppe)

"Wizard Tournament" is one of those games that will not bore your little one for a long time! If your child is fascinated by the magical world of Harry Potter, this will be the perfect proposition for him. What is this title tournament? First of all, the fact that players have the task of preparing fancy potions in cauldrons, mixing various ingredients together. For example, the game consists of elements that allow you to prepare mandrake oil or hippogriff sweat. It therefore has an educational value, because the preparation of magic drinks is a fantastic experience, showing how different substances and materials interact with each other. It is therefore a maximally engaging chemistry lesson!


"Super Cortex" (Rebel)

A game that develops many brain functions? It's "Super Cortex"! As part of it, your 9-year-old child can take various tests to check memory, speed and reasoning. What's more, the game includes tasks in which you need to demonstrate spatial, analytical and logical thinking. So what does it consist of? The youngest player should turn over the card lying on the pile so that everyone can see what is written on it. If a participant knows the answer, they should cover the card with their hand and then give a solution. In a situation where he is right, he receives a given card, which he can at some point exchange for pieces of the puzzle. The winner is the person who gets its four parts and makes a brain out of them.


Educational games for 8-year-olds

In the case of 8-year-olds, it is worth choosing games that will expand their knowledge about the world and systematize it. At this stage, you can already see some interests of the child, so it is worth adjusting the games to them.

"A geographical pickpocket – Where is Rome and where is Crimea?" (Edgard)

"Geographical Pickpocket" is a fantastic card game for children from 7 years of age, but it can also be successfully played by adults and teenagers. What's more, younger participants can also participate, as long as they can read or will be in a team with such a person. Thanks to "Pickpocket..." You can learn the names of European capitals, as well as their locations and symbols associated with them. The game allows you to learn from scratch, but also refresh your memory on given topics. The cards can be used in several different ways described in the instructions. They are suitable for both independent use and team play, in which many participants can participate.


"BrainBox - Football" (Rebel)

Your child is a football fan? Then he will be delighted with the game "BrainBox – Football". There are 55 cards and 440 questions about famous footballers and football clubs. Thanks to this, you can better learn about popular players and various leagues, even from the farthest corners of the globe. The game trains memory, observational sense as well as perceptiveness. It is worth noting that it is also available in English – then you can learn many words. The game also stimulates visual memory. Both variants of the game are made from recycled materials.


Educational games for 7-year-olds

Educational games for a 7-year-old can be really addictive. The best proof are the titles given below, which can be extremely engaging. Take care of the development of your toddler and choose at least one of them!


"Anatomy for a toddler" (Clementoni)

Do you want your child to learn how a person is built? "Anatomy for a toddler" will help him in this. It is not a typical educational game, but rather a puzzle that will introduce the leash into the mysterious world of human biology. It consists of one large poster and two sets of puzzles depicting the skeleton and the cardiovascular system, along with the organs. The toddler's task is to arrange them in the right place, in the right holes. Thanks to such games, the child can learn about human anatomy while performing pleasant tactile exercises. Who knows, maybe this title will educate a future doctor by the way? :)


"Maths Quiz" (Lisciani)

Do you want your child to broaden their knowledge of mathematics? Then "Maths Quiz" will be the perfect choice. Thanks to it, the toddler will deepen his knowledge when it comes to arithmetic and the multiplication table. The game consists in the fact that you have to answer questions and move pieces around the board. Toddlers solve various mathematical problems, having fun at the same time. By the way, they gain various badges, develop text comprehension skills and learn the principles of social coexistence. The quiz has been divided into three difficulty levels, so you can use it already at the age of 5.


Educational games for 6-year-olds

Do you want your child to spend time in an interesting way? Here are suggestions for valuable educational games for a 6-year-old that will guarantee him great fun!


"Master of Knowledge" (Trefl)

It is a cross-sectional game that broadens knowledge about various fields, m.in history and nature. What's more, it allows you to learn a lot about inventions, as well as culture and art. Thanks to the fact that it allows you to play on three different skill levels, it can be adapted to the current state of knowledge of the toddler. What's more, it can be played in 3 different variants, so the whole fun can be even more varied. It is worth adding that this game can also be used in school years – then it will perfectly systematize and consolidate the already accumulated knowledge.


"Guess In 10 Animals" (Skillmatics)

If you are interested in educational games for a 6-year-old, "Guess In 10 Animals" will be a hit. Participants are asked questions that will help them guess what animal is presented on a given game card. On each of them there are also hints and tips that allow you to learn something new, e.g. about reindeer, birds or penguins. The winner is the person who guesses the animals placed on the seven cards as soon as possible. This kind of play not only broadens horizons, but also develops social skills, teaches problem solving, and at the same time stimulates creative thinking.



Educational games for a 5-year-old

Educational games for a 5-year-old will diversify the time of the child and his whole family. Here are our most interesting proposals: they will teach him how to read the hands of the clock and teach the basics of economics.


"Clock. Educational game" (Captain Science)

If you want to teach your child to read the hours clockwise, then this game will turn out to be a brilliant idea. What's more, it also teaches how to read a digital clock. It is important that it allows you to play in up to 12 different ways, which are described in the manual. Different variants train logical thinking, teach reflexes and perceptiveness, improve memory and concentration. What's more, individual games have different levels of difficulty that can be adapted to the current level of the toddler. Thanks to them, in addition to using a watch, children acquire a wide range of skills, including planning and decision-making.


"Monopoly Junior" (Hasbro)

If you think that financial management skills are important, it is worth educating your children about it from an early age. Invaluable help will be the game "Monopoly Junior", which differs from the classic "Monopoly" level of complexity. The board is halved, and the rules are a little different. The pawns themselves also present themselves in a different way, which in this case have the form of charming animals. All this makes it a great economic game for beginners - for both boys and girls.



Educational games for 4-year-olds

What educational games will a 4-year-old like? Certainly those that will engage him to the maximum and that will allow him to have a fantastic time.


"Centipede Legs" (Egmont)

"Centipede legs" is an addictive board game, enjoying considerable popularity. It combines learning with fun in a wonderful way. Participants must roll the dice and dress the centipede in shoes and colorful socks. In the meantime, they have to decide how many and which dice they want to throw and how many shoes and in what colors they want to get. The winner is the person who collects the largest number of shoes for his centipede and whose centipede will be the longest. Let's put it in a nutshell. An additional variety of the game is that there are no typical eyelets on the dice, but just described elements of clothing. What can you learn from this title? Certainly, the game makes it easier to learn counting and color recognition. It also shows what strategic thinking is all about.


"The Talking Pen" (Clementoni)

Are you interested in an educational game for preschool children? Here it is. The "talking pen", because we are talking about it, introduces toddlers into the fascinating world of numbers and letters, animals, shapes and colors, depending on the chosen variant. The game consists of educational cards and 500 quizzes. The answer to individual questions can be known thanks to an electronic pen that tells you whether the answer is correct or not. This, in turn, makes it possible to play the game even alone. What is certain is that the "Magic Pen" stimulates logical thinking, supports the development of the observational sense, and at the same time familiarizes children with numbers, letters, animal species, etc.



Educational games for a 3-year-old

The best educational games for a 3-year-old are the fun ones, with simple rules.


"Lotto farma" (Djeco)

"Lotto farm" is a great sensory game for children as young as 3 years old. It uses the principles of the wheel of fortune known to all of us. The task of the players is to spin the pointer on the dial, on which there are different categories. Then, using only the sense of touch, you have to find a random animal, object or plant in the bag, based on their shape. The game brilliantly develops the child's manual coordination, trains logical thinking and develops a sense of aesthetics (thanks to the fact that the figures included in the game are really beautiful).


"Mother and Child" (Roter Kafer)

"Mother and Child" is an educational game that will allow you to acquire basic knowledge about the inhabitants of the farm. It is, in other words, a puzzle with rural scenes. The game consists of Velcro, thanks to which you can fit any adult pet his child. The piglet should be next to the pig, and the calf – next to the cow. And in this way they should be laid on the board. What's more, the cardboard boxes can be threaded on a wheel, thanks to which the toddler is able to develop small motor skills. The game develops not only knowledge about animals, but also imagination, logical thinking, as well as memory. "Mother and Child" consists of several elements and several boards – how many of them there are exactly depends on the specific version of the game.



Educational games for a 2-year-old

What educational games for a 2-year-old will be the best solution? Certainly those that can be used in many different ways.


"Figures and colors. Montessori" (Clementoni)

Do you want to introduce your child to the world of geometric figures? Do you want them to know colors – both basic and derivative? If so, this proposal will be perfect. It is the best proof that you can play educational games at the age of 2. The game involves placing cartons with cut shapes on colored elements and then combining them with specific shapes. However, this is just the beginning, because it is only one of the games that allows you to play the position we are discussing in many different ways. Each package is accompanied by an instruction with various play suggestions. The whole game is inspired by the methods of Montessori pedagogy. All that remains is to test it!


"Pajama Puzzle" (Granna)

As for educational games for a 2-year-old, it is also worth paying attention to the "Pajama Puzzle". The task of the participants is to complete the wardrobe in such a way that the pajamas will be matched to the pillow. However, if the child wants to choose sets of clothes a little differently,  this game allows it. However, its potential does not end there, because it allows, with the help of various elements, to play a game with memory elements. For example, you can turn all shorts and T-shirts with colors facing down. Then discover two elements at a time. The person who finds two matching items of clothing faster wins.




Educational games have different faces. In addition to the entertainment function, they also fulfill a didactic role. They allow you to spend many evenings with family and friends. What's more, some titles can be played from the age of 2! You will also find many unique educational games in the Puzzle Factory. Browse our offer and choose the perfect title for your child!



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