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Puzzle 1000 - a variety of themes and manufacturers

Puzzle 1000 is a category that will surely appeal to puzzle lovers. In our online shop we offer many types of 1000 piece puzzles, which are available at different retail prices. Thanks to them, every child, teenager or adult will be able to find something for themselves.
Solving puzzles is not only great entertainment, but also a way to develop perceptiveness, patience and logical thinking skills. Putting together a 1000-piece puzzle requires time and focus, but after finishing the work, a beautiful picture is created, which is a reward for the effort put in. 1000 piece puzzle is the perfect solution for people who like challenges and at the same time want to enjoy beautiful views that represent arranged elements.

Puzzle 1000 - a category for real puzzle enthusiasts, not only panoramic puzzles

Our offer includes 1000 pieces of puzzles depicting various motifs, such as landscapes, animals, architecture or motifs related to films and fairy tales for children. By using high-quality materials, such as calendered reflective paper, our puzzle presents pictures with great color saturation, and the safety of stacking is ensured by calendered reflective paper. Trefl puzzle is one of the brands that we offer in the puzzle 1000 category, and their products have been made using special calendered paper, which guarantees high quality and durability.
The dimensions of the picture depend on the number of elements, but panoramic puzzles and those depicting cute motifs for children are always very popular. Our 1000 puzzle range also includes puzzle sets from various series, such as Trefl Prime, as well as puzzles depicting people, which will surely interest portrait lovers. The safety of solving puzzles will be ensured by elements covered with ecological materials, and various types of 1000-piece puzzles will provide great entertainment for long evenings.
We also offer easy-to-solve 1000-piece puzzles , which thanks to the use of special calendered reflective paper facilitate the arrangement of puzzles and improve the quality of the image. All our products are made of high quality materials subject to rigorous quality controls to ensure you always have the best experience.


Solving 1000 puzzles - the best entertainment for long evenings

1000 pieces puzzles are an ideal choice for people who are looking for a challenge and want to spend long evenings in an interesting way. The number of pieces in this type of puzzle makes it a little more time and patience to solve them, but the end result is extremely satisfying. In our offer you will find many different types of 1000 piece puzzles , both for children and adults, including puzzles depicting people, landscapes, animals, sweet treats and much more.


Puzzle pieces provide great entertainment both alone and with friends or family. Solving puzzles improves concentration, spatial thinking skills and patience. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for people of all ages.