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🧩 Welcome to the world of puzzles in the store "Fabryka Puzzli" 🎉

If you are a lover of jigsaw puzzles, then you are in the right place. In the "Puzzle Factory" we offer a wide selection of puzzles available in different sizes and difficulty levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced puzzle lover, we have something for you!

🌟 Puzzle puzzle for everyone! 🌟

In our offer you will find puzzles for children and adults. From simple puzzles for the little ones, to complex sets for older puzzle lovers. Wooden puzzles, animal puzzles or flower puzzles - you will find everything with us! 

🧩 What is a jigsaw puzzle? 🧩

Puzzle, also known as jigsaw puzzle, is a game that involves assembling a picture from many small pieces - puzzles. Each piece has a unique shape and only fits certain other elements. The goal of the game is to arrange a complete picture that can present various motifs - from reproductions of famous works of art, through landscapes, animals, to world maps or images from popular movies and fairy tales. Puzzles are not only great fun for people of all ages, but also an excellent exercise for the mind, developing logical thinking, perceptiveness and patience.

🔍 Who invented the puzzle? 🔍

The history of the puzzle dates back to the eighteenth century. The creator of the first puzzles was John Spilsbury, an English cartographer and engraver. In 1767, Spilsbury came up with the idea of carving a map on a wooden backing along national borders to help students learn geography. The students had to put the countries together to create an entire map, which was both educational and fun. Spilsbury's idea proved so popular that it quickly gained popularity and evolved, giving rise to today's puzzle. In the nineteenth century, puzzles began to be produced on a mass scale, and thanks to the invention of the so-called "jigsaw" saw (hence the English name "jigsaw puzzles"), the production process became easier and cheaper. At the Puzzle Factory, we are proud to continue the tradition Spilsbury started by offering a wide range of puzzles for people of all ages. We invite you to discover the world of puzzles with us!

🧩 Putting together puzzles is not only fun! 🧩

Solving puzzles is a great form of spending free time, which allows you to develop the skills of concentration, patience and precision. Solve the puzzle and see how each piece of the puzzle affects the whole picture.

✨ The most popular puzzles in one place! ✨

In the "Puzzle Factory" we offer puzzles from the most respected manufacturers, such as:


- Ravensburger Puzzle

German company known for the production of high-quality puzzles. The company's offer includes puzzles for children, adults and 3D puzzles.



- Clementoni Puzzle

Italian puzzle manufacturer offering a wide range of products, including puzzles for children, puzzles with artistic motifs, as well as puzzles from the High Quality Collection series.




- Jumbo Puzzle

Dutch company specializing in the production of puzzles. They are especially known for their Wasgij puzzle series, which offer unique challenges.




- Puzzle Piatnik

A company from Austria that produces puzzles with various themes, including artistic motifs, landscapes and much more.




- Puzzle Educa

A Spanish company producing puzzles of varying complexity, from simple ones for children to those with thousands of elements for adults.




- Heye Puzzle

German company known for the production of puzzles with humorous illustrations and works of famous artists.




- Gibsons Puzzle

A British company producing puzzles made of thick, high-quality cardboard, with motifs ranging from landscapes to detailed scenes from life.




- Schmidt Spiele Puzzle

German company based in Berlin, specializing in the production of puzzles, board games and other toys for children and adults.



- Trefl Puzzle

A Polish company based in Gdynia, known for the production of puzzles for people of all ages. The company's offer includes puzzles for children with themes of fairy tales and movies, as well as puzzles for adults, including those with a very high level of difficulty with thousands of elements.



- EduBo Puzzle

It is a young Polish brand specializing in the production of educational jigsaw puzzles for children. Their puzzles are designed to stimulate the mental and motor development of the little ones, while providing them with fun. They offer various themes and themes that help children learn new skills and concepts while putting together puzzles. EduBo focuses on the quality and educational value of its products, which makes this brand unique on the puzzle market.


We are convinced that everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of their level of advancement and interests.


🌍 Personalized puzzles - arrange your own world! 🌍

Want to create something special? Try our personalized puzzles! Choose your favorite photo and we will turn it into a unique puzzle set. It's a great idea for a gift or a way to preserve beautiful memories.


💡 Puzzle sets with different number of elements! 💡

In our store there are puzzles with different number of elements. For beginners, we recommend sets with fewer pieces that are ideal for learning how to solve puzzles. For more advanced users, we offer puzzles with a large number of elements, which are a real challenge!


🧩 Puzzles covered in mystery 🧩

Love mysteries? We have prepared something especially for you! Puzzle puzzle - make a picture, and then try to solve the puzzle. What can be hidden under the painting: a puzzle, a bridge or a fountain puzzle? See for yourself!


🛍 Best retail price guaranteed! 🛍

We offer a wide selection of puzzles in different price ranges so that everyone can enjoy this fascinating toy regardless of their budget. With our competitive retail price, you can be sure that you are getting quality products at the best price.


🌸 Flower puzzles, animal puzzles and much more! 🌸

Here you will find puzzles for every taste. Do you like nature? Try our flower puzzles or animal puzzles. Do you prefer abstraction? We also have something for you! See more puzzles in our offer and choose something for yourself.


🎁 Puzzle - the perfect gift for any occasion! 🎁

Are you looking for an original gift for a loved one? Puzzles are an excellent choice! Thanks to a wide range of themes, you can easily find puzzles that match the interests of the recipient. Or maybe personalized puzzles with a selected photo? Nothing will please you more than a gift made for a specific person.


🏆 Puzzle of the year see in our offer! 🏆

Do you want to know which puzzles are the most popular? Puzzle of the year see in our offer! We select only the best and most interesting puzzles that have won the recognition of our customers.


🌐 Join the "Puzzle Factory" community! 🌐

Welcome to our community of puzzle lovers. Here you can share your achievements, tips and ideas for solving the puzzle. Solve the jigsaw puzzle and join us - we are waiting for you!


🤔 Is there room for a bit of strategy in jigsaw puzzles? 🤔

Absolutely! Solving puzzles is not only relaxing fun, but also an excellent exercise for the mind that requires strategic thinking. Start by looking for edges to create a frame, then focus on the elements and colors that stand out. It is also good to sort all the elements at the beginning - this will help you maintain order and speed up the laying process. Remember that everyone has their own tactics that work best for them. The main thing is to enjoy the process of solving the puzzle!


🌳 Why choose wooden puzzles? 🌳

Wooden puzzles are not only a great way to develop manual skills and logical thinking, but also an environmentally friendly choice. Made of durable, natural materials, they are safe for the youngest users and can be used for many years. In addition, wooden puzzles are often characterized by unique, artistic patterns that add charm to each arranged picture. In our store we offer a wide selection of wooden puzzles - see and choose your favorite!


🚀 Currently arranged puzzles are not enough? See our categories for advanced gamers! 🚀

If you are at a stage where the currently arranged puzzle seems too simple to you, it is a sign that you are ready for the next level of challenge! In the "Puzzle Factory" we offer a wide selection of puzzles for advanced players. Sets with more elements, complex themes, 3D puzzles or puzzles with unique shapes - all this is waiting for you in our store. Remember that solving puzzles is not only relaxing fun, but also an excellent exercise for the mind. Try something new and see what amazing images you can create!


👶 Puzzle Smyka - the perfect first puzzle for children 👶

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your toddler, which will be fun and learning at the same time, Smyk puzzles are a hit! These colorful, safe and easy-to-grip pieces are perfect for little hands. Puzzle Smyk is a great way to develop motor skills, perceptiveness and logical thinking from an early age. Our offer includes many different themes and designs that are sure to attract your child's attention - from animals and vehicles, to shapes and colors. Smyk Puzzles are excellent first puzzles for every child, which provide hours of educational fun and are a great introduction to the world of puzzles.


🛠 Puzzle Mat for solving puzzles and other accessories 🛠

Solving puzzles is not only a passion, but also an art that requires the right tools. In the "Puzzle Factory" we offer a wide selection of accessories that will help you in this task. One of them is a puzzle mat - an irreplaceable gadget for every puzzle lover. Puzzle mat allows you to move unfinished puzzles without worrying about scattering or losing pieces. Just unfold the mat, put a puzzle on it, and after the game roll up the mat with puzzles. It's perfect when you're short on space or when you want to interrupt your game for a while. In addition to the mat, we also offer other accessories, such as puzzle containers, frames to display ready-made pictures, and even a special glue to protect the puzzles. Discover the full passion for puzzles with our accessories!


🧩 Are puzzles good for your brain? 🧩

Yes, puzzles are a great exercise for the brain! Solving puzzles involves both cerebral hemispheres - the left, responsible for analytical and logical thinking, and the right, responsible for creativity and intuition. As a result, by arranging puzzles, we improve our ability to solve problems, increase spatial abilities and strengthen short-term memory. In addition, putting together puzzles can help reduce stress. The concentration that this activity requires allows you to divert attention from everyday worries and works similarly to meditation. In the "Puzzle Factory" you will find a wide range of puzzles for everyone - from simple sets for beginners, to complex images consisting of thousands of elements. Take care of your brain by having fun and relaxing with our puzzles!


🧠 Are puzzles good for people with ADHD? 🧠

Yes, puzzles can be very beneficial for people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Children and adults with ADHD often have trouble concentrating, organizing, and completing tasks. Puzzles can help in these areas because they require focus, planning and patience. Putting together a puzzle engages the mind in a way that helps calm excessive activity and improves concentration. It also gives a feeling of satisfaction and achievement after completing the picture. At the "Puzzle Factory" we offer many different types of puzzles that can help people with ADHD focus and relax. We invite you to browse our offer and choose the puzzle that suits you best!


🧩 How many puzzles for adults? 🧩

When it comes to adult puzzles, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The number of pieces in the set may vary depending on the degree of difficulty you prefer and the amount of time you are able to spend on solving the puzzle. For beginner adults, puzzles from 500 to 1000 pieces are usually recommended. Such puzzles are the right level of challenge, but they are not too complicated or time-consuming. If you are a more experienced puzzle lover, you can try to solve puzzles with more pieces - from 1500 to 3000, or even 5000 or more. Such puzzles require more time and patience, but the satisfaction of completing such a large puzzle is unbelievable. In the "Puzzle Factory" we offer a wide selection of puzzles for adults - from the simpler ones to complicated, multi-piece sets. We invite you to browse our offer and choose the puzzle that suits you best!


🧩 Solve a jigsaw puzzle: benefits and tips 🧩

Solving puzzles is not only fun, but also a number of benefits, both for the mind and for the body. Puzzle in the form of a puzzle is an interesting and effective tool for stimulating cognitive abilities, developing manual skills, as well as improving concentration and patience.

Here are some of the benefits of doing a jigsaw puzzle:

  1. Develops cognitive abilities: Solving puzzles stimulates both hemispheres of the brain. The right hemisphere, responsible for creativity and intuition, is engaged in trying to understand what image the pieces are formed, while the left hemisphere, associated with logical and analytical thinking, is interested in searching for individual elements and arranging them in the right order.
  2. Improves motor skills: Picking up small pieces and trying to fit them together helps develop eye-hand coordination.
  3. Improves concentration and patience: Putting together a jigsaw puzzle requires concentration and patience, as well as the ability to deal with frustration when the pieces don't fit together.
  4. Promotes peace and relaxation: For many people, putting together a jigsaw puzzle is a form of meditation. Focusing on one task helps to cut off from external stresses and promotes a state of calm.



Here are some tips for people who want to start their adventure with solving puzzles:

  1. Choose the number of items that's right for you: If you are just starting out, choose a puzzle with fewer pieces that will be easier to solve.
  2. Start with a frame: The easiest way to start putting together a jigsaw puzzle is to look for edges and arrange frames from them.
  3. Group elements by colors and patterns: Once you've laid out the frame, start grouping the remaining pieces by the colors and patterns you see on them. This will make it easier to find the right items at the right time.
  4. Don't give up: Remember that solving a jigsaw puzzle is a process that takes time. Enjoy the process, not just the end result.
  5. Use puzzle accessories: A puzzle mat, sorters or boxes can make it much easier to store and organize your puzzles.
  6. Prepare the right place: Make sure you have enough space to do the puzzle. Keep in mind that some puzzles can take up quite a bit of space when they are put together.
  7. Take care of good lighting: A well-lit place will make it easier for you to distinguish colors and details on puzzles.
  8. Enjoy the company: Putting together puzzles is also a great opportunity to spend time with family or friends. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle can bring a lot of fun and create an opportunity for conversations.



Keep in mind that there is no one "correct" method for solving puzzles. Everyone has their own technique that works best. The key is to enjoy the process and the challenge that puzzles bring.