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Puzzle producer - create your own jigsaw puzzle with us

If you're looking for the perfect way to create your product range, why not try creating your own jigsaw puzzle? Whether you want something simple or complicated, we have a wide selection of puzzles and games that can provide you with an interesting product and keep your customers entertained for hours. The most important thing is that you can create your own puzzle with us right now. We will create a game based on your idea or use our ready-made ideas.


High quality puzzles at the manufacturer - what to look for?

High quality puzzles are those that are made of good materials and are characterized by good precision of cutting elements and good durability. Here are some factors that can affect the quality of the puzzle:
  1. Material: high-quality jigsaw puzzles can be made of good quality materials, such as thick cardboard or wood, which ensures good durability and precision of cutting elements.
  2. Cutting precision: Good quality puzzles should have pieces that fit well together and fit together easily. Puzzles with inaccurately cut pieces can be difficult to solve and wear out quickly.
  3. Durability: high-quality puzzles should be durable and not break after several uses. Puzzles made of cheaper materials can wear out faster and be less durable.
  4. Aesthetics: high-quality puzzles should have nice pictures and be aesthetically attractive. Lower quality puzzles may have a poorer print quality or have less attractive themes.



The ability to create your own puzzle with all the help at each stage.

You can choose one of five pictures as the background and then add the words you would like to learn. The words are lowercase and there is no space between them. Once you've created your own puzzle, you can play it and see if your friends can solve it!


The production of puzzles consists of several stages:

  1. Design: at this stage, a puzzle project is created, including the choice of theme and the number of elements. If the puzzles will have non-standard shapes or dimensions, then at this stage you should also design special forms for their manufacture.
  2. Preparation of materials: at this stage, the materials needed for the manufacture of the puzzle are prepared, such as paper or cardboard to print the image, plastic or wood to cut the puzzle elements and glue to join them.
  3. Printing: At this point, the image is printed on paper or cardboard. In the case of puzzles with licensed images or custom themes, you should also obtain the rights to these images at this stage.
  4. Cutting: at this stage, puzzle pieces are cut out of paper or cardboard using special machines or manually. In the case of puzzles with non-standard shapes or dimensions, at this stage you should also cut the puzzle with special forms.
  5. Packing: at this stage, the puzzle pieces are packaged and ready for sale. In the case of wooden puzzles or other high-quality materials, other protective measures may also be used at this stage.


A proven puzzle maker is better than a free online puzzle maker. We will help multi-level in creating your own custom puzzles.


Custom puzzle manufacturer

Unusual puzzles can be cut in different shapes or have non-standard dimensions. Such puzzles can be an interesting alternative to traditional square or rectangular puzzles and can be a challenge for people who like more complex puzzles.
Here are some examples of unusual puzzles:
  1. Puzzles with a custom shape: such puzzles can be in the shape of animals, cars, buildings or other objects. They can be cut from wood or other materials and can be more complicated than traditional puzzles.
  2. 3D puzzles: such puzzles consist of elements that form a three-dimensional structure when solved. They can be cut out of plastic or other materials and can have different motifs, such as buildings, planes or other objects.
  3. Puzzles with interchangeable pieces: such puzzles consist of pieces that can be swapped places, creating different versions of the image after being solved. They can be cut from wood or other materials and can have different motifs, such as animals, fairy tale characters or other objects.
  4. Puzzles with numbers: such puzzles consist of elements with numbers, which must be arranged in order. They may be designed for preschool or younger children and can help them learn to count and recognize digits.



Producer of advertising puzzles and assistance in the promotion of the company

Advertising puzzles can be an effective form of promotion for some companies. Puzzles are a popular advertising gadget because they are attractive to many age groups and can be used for a long time. Puzzles with a logo or advertising slogan can be given away as gifts to customers or used as prizes in competitions. Advertising puzzles can also be sold in stores, which allows additional earnings for the company.
However, advertising puzzles are not always effective for every business or industry. Before investing in advertising puzzles, you should think carefully about whether this form of promotion is suitable for a particular company and whether it can bring the expected benefits. It is also important to think carefully about how advertising puzzles will be distributed and what uses they will have to ensure that they will be used effectively as a promotional tool.


We hope you enjoy creating your own puzzles! If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address below hello@fabrykapuzzli.eu