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Print high-quality puzzles without secrets


Are you looking for a fun way to advertise your business? Do you need a new product that will increase sales and attract customers? Then we have the solution for you: puzzle printing! This article will explain how to create your own puzzle and why they are the best way to start a business.


Printing a jigsaw puzzle is the process of printing a picture on special paper or materials, which are then cut into puzzle pieces. This can be done with an inkjet or laser printer and appropriate photo or graphics software.
To print a puzzle, select the appropriate image file to be printed and place it in a photo or graphics program. Then you need to determine how many pieces the puzzle should have and what their sizes should be. You can also add frames or decorative elements if you want to give the puzzle a more attractive look.
After designing the puzzle, print it on the appropriate paper or materials, and then cut out the puzzle elements using die cutouts or a special tool for cutting the puzzle. You can also use the services of a printing house that will print and cut puzzles using specialized machines.



Printing advertising puzzles and not only at the manufacturer of advertising puzzles

To print advertising puzzles, you need to prepare a file with a puzzle project, which contains an image or advertising graphic and information about the shapes and sizes of elements. Then you need to choose the appropriate printing technique and specialized paper or material from which the puzzle elements will be printed.


You can choose offset or digital printing, depending on your preferences and quantitative needs of the product. Offest printing is considered superior to puzzle printing because it offers high print quality, durable prints and is better priced. You can also choose specialized papers or materials, such as heavyweight paper that is resistant to damage and easy to cut.

Once the puzzle pieces are printed, they need to be cut out using die-cutters, or a specialized cutting tool such as a cutting plotter. The puzzle pieces are ready to use after cutting.


Use advertising puzzles to increase sales of your projects

Printing puzzles is a great way to increase sales. You can use the puzzle to advertise your business, increase sales speed, and make sure your customers enjoy interacting with you.

Your clients will love puzzles because they are fun and will want to solve them again and again. You can also use puzzles as promotional gifts at fairs or exhibitions. This way, you'll be able to get maximum exposure for your brand while increasing its visibility to potential customers.



Dye-sublimation is the best way to print puzzles for small runs

Dye-sublimation is a process that can be used to print puzzles. It involves the use of heat, pressure and specially developed chemicals to transfer dyes to the surface. This process is commonly used for printing T-shirts, but can also be used for paper, plastic or wood. When you decide to sublimate dye as a puzzle printing method, there are two main factors that will affect the final product:


  • The type of puzzle you do (wooden or plastic)
  • The type of ink you use



Create your own product range quickly and easily

To create your own product offer, choose a puzzle pattern from the available assortment.

Then you can choose the type of product you want to create. There are three types of products available: puzzles, magnets and coasters. Select the quantity for each selected product (minimum quantity is 500 pieces) and add any text or photo if required. Once you have made your selection, click "Next" at the bottom of the page to confirm delivery dates and payment methods, and then fill in the payment details for each item in your shopping cart separately when prompted to do so when making a payment on our secure page.


Print puzzles with the required product design

Printing puzzles is a great way to advertise your business. It's also a great way to entertain customers and employees.

Puzzle printing is a simple process that you can use with your own designs or we can help you design your own range of products.


Advertise your business while entertaining customers and employees

As a business owner, you want to maximize your marketing budget. With custom puzzles, you can create an interesting way to advertise your products and services while entertaining customers and employees. If you've never printed custom puzzles before, take a look at our easy-to-use product lists: there are no minimum orders required and we print all our puzzles on demand – you don't need to have any large quantities sitting around taking up space!


Creating eye-catching puzzles to order is easy thanks to the cooperation with our company, which allows you to upload high-resolution graphics from your computer or smartphone. Once you've put the puzzle together, you can even share it directly with your friends via email or social media! We will take care of printing, so all that remains is to wait for these creative ideas to take shape and become something fun and unique!


Printing puzzles is just the beginning

Puzzles can be used in many ways and make a great gift. You can use them at your next trade show or even give them away as promotional items. The possibilities are endless with these custom puzzles. They are also very affordable and easy to customize, so it doesn't matter if you're trying to save money or not, because there will still be plenty of options for you!