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Memory game - print and custom production

Do you have a unique idea for a memory game? Do you want to introduce it to the market? Very well. As a puzzle factory, we produce discussed memory games from A to Z. We have a lot of experience in this field, we also provide comprehensive support at every stage of production. What's more, we are happy to take on even the most demanding challenge. The only limit for us is... Your imagination!


History of memo memory games

The game "Memory" is a popular educational game for children and adults, which involves discovering pairs of cards with pictures. Historically, this game has its roots in other memory games such as "Concentration" and "Pexeso", which were already popular in the 20s.
However, it was the German toy manufacturer, Ravensburger, that registered the name "Memory" as a trademark in 1960 and released the first edition of this game. Since then, "Memory" has become one of the most popular educational games for children in the world.
Over the years, "Memory" has evolved and many different versions of this game have appeared, with different themes and card themes. There are also electronic versions of this game that allow players to play on a computer or mobile device.
Today, "Memory" is still one of the most popular educational games for children in the world and is very popular among players of all ages.


Rules of the game memory

The rules of the game "Memory" are quite simple and easy to remember. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play "Memory":
  1. Prepare cards - you need at least two sets of cards with pictures, but the more players, the more sets you need.
  2. Lay out the cards face down - spread the cards face down on the table or floor in rows and columns. The more cards, the more rows and columns you need.
  3. Start the game - the first player turns over two cards. If they are the same pictures, he takes them and starts the next move. If the pictures differ, the player turns the cards back face down and the next player starts.
  4. Continue the game - players continue to flip two cards on their move, taking the ones with the same pictures. If a player does not find two identical pictures, the next player starts.
  5. Game over - the game ends when all the cards are taken. The player who has collected the most pairs wins.
You can also use additional rules, such as counting points for taken pairs or adding new cards when they are all taken up, to increase the difficulty level. It is important to set the rules before you start playing and make sure that all players understand them.



Memory games - Sample materials needed for the production of a memory game

In this article, we'll tell you about how memory game development is most common. At the outset, however, it is worth noting that at your request the whole process may be a bit different, we can also use slightly different materials to produce the game. It is worth noting, however, that we always prepare a minimum of 1000 copies. Okay, so how does the production of memory games look like here? Check!


Chalk paper for memory games

For the production of memory games, we most often use chalk paper, also commonly called "chalk paper". It is a material that is coated with a thin layer of a mixture of mineral pigment and glue. It has a smooth and pleasant to the touch surface, and the prints made on it are of high quality. It is also relatively slippery and you can't write on it, so there is less chance that, for example, children will destroy your game. You can choose from two variants of chalked paper: matte or glossy. Each of them provides fantastic results.


Memo game print

We know how important colors are in the case of games, which is why we offer our clients CMYK printing. This is the most modern digital technology, which works perfectly in combination with chalked paper – it best reflects the entire color palette on it. This solution guarantees excellent quality and color reproduction – so you can be sure that your memory cards will have beautiful, intense colors.


Dispersion varnish on memory games

The next step in the production of memory games is the application of dispersion varnish. This is one of the unique ways to refine printing. It can enhance the visual qualities of memory cards by giving them shine or, on the contrary, matte. What effect we get depends only on you. A clear layer of varnish is applied to the surface, giving it a beautiful, noble look. Colors gain depth, which in turn translates into a more attractive game. What's more, the elements on which the dispersion varnish has been applied gain strength and tear resistance.


Bookbinding cardboard for memo games

Next, the previously prepared materials are glued on 1.5 mm thick bookbinding cardboard. It is a type of high-quality cardboard with excellent performance properties. First of all, it is resistant to tearing and creasing, which – as you probably admit – is of great importance for various types of games. It is a rigid, thick and multilayer material, created in the recycling process. It is also characterized by the fact that it is completely safe for the environment and free of toxic substances. What's more, it shows great flexibility, so it can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the game.


Memory game die-cutting

Don't need ready-made elements to play? If so, we can provide you with the right die that will allow you to cut all the cards yourself. The dimensions of a single standard element are 75 x 75 mm, while the whole game consists of 12 pairs – this gives a total of 24 tiles. It is worth adding that all elements have rounded corners. The die is designed so that the puzzles you cut out are aesthetic and free of any damage.




Packaging for memory games - Personalized production

We produce not only individual elements of games, but also their packaging. In this case, we also take care of every detail. We offer a box made of corrugated cardboard, laminated and does not require gluing. Opening and closing it does not require any additional tools. Corrugated cardboard itself is characterized by high strength, it is also resistant to mechanical damage. What's more, it is a 100% ecological material, made of recycled paper pulp. This, in turn, means that its production does not cause any negative changes in the environment.


To make the box look great, we then laminate, i.e. we refine it with thin, properly printed paper.It is worth noting that this activity not only increases the visual value of the packaging, but also improves its strength and resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, the box is equipped with a practical deadbolt. When folded, it measures 290 x 180 x 45 mm.


Memory game packaging material

We also use GC cardboard to create the packaging. It is often used in the production of luxury packaging, which is supposed to delight with its elegance. It consists of many layers, is one-sided and equipped with a white-painted bottom. Thanks to it, we obtain exceptionally high quality of printing and the refinements themselves.


CMYK printing of memo game packaging

In the case of packaging, we also use CMYK printing. Thanks to him, they significantly gain in their appearance. If you want, with its help you can immortalize on the packaging of the game, e.g. your company logo or a completely different, more complicated graphic design. It is important that it is consistent with what is inside. It is also worth noting that the prints that are created in this way are extremely durable.


Hot foil memory game packaging

Matte or glossy? Regardless of which one you choose, it will positively affect the appearance and durability of the packaging. Thanks to it, the game box will not be susceptible to UV rays, moisture and mechanical damage, i.e. abrasion or scratches. If you want the colors on your packaging to become softer and less intense, opt for matte film. Do you want them to be highly saturated and expressive? In that case, a glossy foil will be a better choice.


Corrugated cardboard type E - a proven packaging solution for memory games

In the production of packaging, we also use corrugated cardboard type E. It perfectly protects the elements of the memory game. It is a good cushioning material, which is why it is often used as packaging even for extremely delicate objects. What's more, it belongs to ecological materials, because it can be successfully recycled even several times! In addition, already processed materials are often used for its production. Corrugated cardboard type E is extremely light and free of toxic dyes and bleach – so there can be no impurities here. We use standard gray cardboard or in a single-sided bleached variant.



Product packaging and logistics memory game

After making playing cards and boxes, we take care of the packaging of the product and its logistics.

Multipack for memo games

Memory games are packed in a flap box, in 14 copies. The flap box is a collective packaging that works great during transport. It is important that it increases the safety of transported items. It is worth noting that we use corrugated texture type B for transport, which is even more durable than the already mentioned cardboard E. It has, m.in greater thickness, which in this case is of great importance.


Heat label on memo game multipacks

On the flap box we place a special information label, which is also a thermal label. It contains the appropriate bar code or information in accordance with your previously given to us guidelines. It is important that they are intended to facilitate the identification of the goods. It is also important that the thermal label provides an image in great resolution, thanks to which the data contained on it is simply legible. It is also distinguished by its high-quality print. It is worth adding that our label allows you to put all the most important information on it.


Preparing the shipment of memory games

In the next step, we prepare the games for shipping. We protect the bottom and top layer against moisture, and then we "stretch" everything, i.e. wrap the pallets with stretch film. Thanks to it, you can secure the load well. The advantages of this film include, m.in high stretchability and durability. What's more, it works well with all types of pallets.

Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, the stretch film is not susceptible to tearing, and it adheres perfectly and holds packages, not allowing them to move on the pallet. Bulk packaging wrapped in such foil is resistant to dust, moisture or even various types of aromas.




Custom materials and memory game development solutions

There are many ways to create non-standard, original "Memory" playing cards. Here are some ideas:


Memory made of wood or metal

- Instead of using paper or cardboard, you can make cards out of wood or metal. For example, you can cut out shapes out of wood or metal and paint pictures or letters on them.

Wooden beads are an interesting idea to create custom cards for the game "Memory"


Memory made of fabric or felt

- Instead of using paper, you can create cards from fabrics or felt. For example, you can sew fabric shapes and paint pictures or letters on them, or use felt to create cards with cut shapes.


Memory made of stones or shells

- Instead of using cards from paper or cardboard, you can create cards from stones or seashells. For example, you can paint pictures or letters on stones, or attach shells to cardboard and paint pictures or letters on them.


Memory from plastic cups or plates

- instead of using cards made of paper or cardboard, you can create cards from plastic cups or tiles




Order your own memory game - custom production

Do you dream of having your own memory game? We will be happy to produce it based on your project. We will also be happy to advise you and choose the best solutions for you. As you can see, we provide the entire service comprehensively and take care of every detail in the process of creating games. Want to know more? Would you like to start working with us? Contact the Puzzle Factory today!


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