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Your company's advertising puzzle

Advertising is a powerful tool that has the potential to influence people's behavior, whether it's buying a product or service, or learning about an organization.

Advertising consists of creating, distributing and promoting information through various channels in order to inform customers about their products, services and/or ideas in order to create an environment that encourages them to take certain actions.


Advertising puzzles and agency selection

Your company is looking for a new advertising agency. You have a budget and would like to see if your money has been well spent. The advertising agency you choose will receive a contract, during which time it will create ads for the company's products. You have several different types of products and would like each type to be advertised at least once during this period. The advertising agency must promote all of them equally in order to earn its fee.



Production of puzzles with their own print or advertising large-format puzzles

Advertising puzzles are a great way to attract attention and convey information about a company, product or service. There are different types of puzzles that can be used as promotional media. Find an advertising agency that specializes in your product. Make sure they know everything about the product and its target audience. Ask them how they will use social media to reach that audience.

If you want to order a puzzle with your own print, there are a few things worth paying attention to:
  1. Print Quality: Make sure the printing house you are ordering the puzzle has good quality printing machines and printing materials for clear and durable prints.
  2. Thickness and type of material: Check what kind of material is used to make puzzles and what is their thickness. Thicker puzzles will be more durable and easier to solve.
  3. Number of pieces: Think about how difficult you want to put together a puzzle. The more elements, the more difficult it will be to arrange them.
  4. Puzzle size: Make sure the size of the puzzle matches where you want to arrange it. If you want to arrange puzzles on a table, a smaller size will be better, while if you want to arrange them on the floor, a larger size will be better.
  5. Puzzle Shape: Make sure the shape of the puzzle matches what you want to get. Rectangular puzzles will be the easiest to solve, but if you want something more challenging, you can choose a jigsaw puzzle with a more unusual shape.
  6. Customization: Make sure the puzzles are tailored to your individual needs and preferences. If you have specific requirements for the size, shape, or number of items, make sure your print shop offers these options.


Mega puzzle or advertising puzzles and any print

I hope you will be able to use these advertising puzzles when promoting your company. They are a great way to engage customers and can even be used as gifts at events or trade shows! Write to us and see for yourself how the cooperation looks like.