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How do I combine photos?

Photo stitching is the process of combining two or more photos into one photo. This can be done using special programs or photo editing applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.
To combine photos, select the appropriate photo files and place them on layers in your photo editing program. You can then resize or rotate the photos to fit together better, and then combine them using the layer blending or mask tools. You can also add effects or filters to get the desired result.
Once your photos are connected, you can save them as a single file or share them online. Photo Combination is often used to create collages or to create photo compositions, such as panoramas. It can also be used to create horizontal or vertical photos from multiple photos taken in different angles or from different perspectives.

Professional image stitching - trust the professionals.

Professional image stitching is sometimes not an easy process made with the help of specialized tools and techniques. Here are some of the benefits of combining images professionally:

  1. Precision: Professional image stitching allows you to accurately combine photos using specialized tools and techniques, which ensures high quality and accuracy.
  2. Aesthetics: Professionally combining images allows for aesthetically appealing results, as professionals can adjust the color and contrast of photos to better match each other.
  3. Time saving: Professional image stitching can be faster than stitching photos together, as professionals can use the right tools and techniques to achieve the desired result faster.

Interesting ideas for the implementation of a photo collage

A photo collage is a combination of several or a dozen photos in one image. It can be created using special photo editing programs or online applications. Here are some photo collage ideas:
  1. Family collage: You can create a collage of family photos by placing photos of family members side by side or juxtaposing them in an interesting way. You can add frames or decorative elements to add character to your collage.
  2. Holiday collage: you can create a collage of holiday photos by posting photos from different places that you visited during the trip. You can also add maps or decorative elements to show where you were on vacation.
  3. Photo collage of adventures: you can create a collage of photos from different adventures that you have lived during the year. It can be a collage of photos from trips, expeditions, excursions or other interesting events.
  4. Event Photo Collage: You can create a photo collage of important events, such as wedding, baptism, birthday, etc

Free photo editor


There are many free photo editing programs that allow you to edit photos for free. Here are some examples of popular free photo editors:
  1. GIMP: is an open source photo editing program that offers extensive editing capabilities such as retouching, adding effects and filters, creating collages and panoramas, and more. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express: is a free version of the popular Adobe Photoshop that offers basic photo editing tools such as retouching, adding effects and filters, creating collages and panoramas. It is available online and as an application for mobile devices with iOS and Android.
  3. Canva: is an online app that allows you to easily edit photos and create graphics. It comes with a wide range of photo editing templates and tools, such as retouching, adding effects and filters, and creating collages.
  4. Fotor: is an online app and app for iOS and Android mobile devices that lets you edit photos, create collages and panoramas, and add effects and filters. It also includes tools for high-resolution photo editing and for creating graphics.