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The association game for children is an educational puzzle for preschoolers, developing the skills of association, concentration, logical thinking and memory, as well as introducing the learning of English through play. Secure, rounded triangles with pictures and descriptions in two languages.

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🎨 Associations game for kids - Discover the world of education through play!

🏆 Product distinguishing features Associations game for children:

  • Skills development: association, concentration, logical thinking, memory and pronunciation.
  • Bilingual education: pictures with descriptions in Polish and English.
  • Safety: triangles with rounded corners, ideal for small hands.


📚 Product description Association game for kids:

The game of associations for children is an educational puzzle created by BAJKA for children with preschoolers in mind. Simple rules involve matching three different elements that connect using associations. The set includes 36 parts forming 12 matching triangles with safe, rounded corners. On each card there are pictures with descriptions in Polish and English, which allows you to learn new words and phrases.


🔧 Specifications / Specifications Associations game for kids:

EAN: 5904083586138
Producer: FAIRY TAY for children
Age: 3-6 years
Dimensions of triangles: 17 cm x 15 cm

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🌈 Available variants of the Association Game for children:

The product is available in one universal variant, suitable for children aged 3-6 years.


✅ Certificates / warranty Associations game for children:

The product has quality and safety certificates in accordance with European standards. The manufacturer's warranty covers a period of 24 months.


📖 Instructions for use Associations game for children:

The set includes a manual containing the rules of the game and tips for learning English through play.


🔗 Collaborations A game of associations for children with other products:

The game works perfectly with other educational products offered by BAJKA for children, such as logic games, puzzles or puzzles. We encourage you to check the rest of our store's offer!


🌟 Customer reviews / reviews Associations game for children:

We encourage you to leave a review about the product after purchase and testing. Your opinion is valuable to us!


🎯 Application of the product Associations game for children:

The association game for children is popular among families with young children, kindergartens and schools that want to introduce education through play. It can also be used during meetings with friends and at children's parties.


🔎 Alternative names Association game for kids:

  • Associations puzzle
  • Educational triangles
  • Associations for preschoolers

🔎 Alternative names Educational Games:

  • Games for kids
  • Educational games for preschoolers
  • Puzzle games for kids


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📚 Rules of the game Associations game for children:

We present the rules of the game of associations game for children, created for preschoolers:


👪 Number of players:

The game is designed for 1-4 players, you can play alone or together with family and friends.


⏳ Game time:

The expected playing time is 10-20 minutes, but it may vary depending on the number of players and the age of the children.


🎲 Rules of the game:

  1. At the beginning of the game, all parts with triangles should be shuffled and arranged with pictures up.
  2. Players take turns choosing one triangle related to one theme (animal, plant, object) and presenting them to the other players.
  3. Next, players try to find the other two triangles that can be connected to the selected triangle using associations.
  4. The player who first finds matching triangles and presents the correct associations scores a point.
  5. The game continues until all the triangles are paired.
  6. The player with the most points wins.


🎓 Educational objectives:

  • Developing the skills of association and concentration.
  • Introduction to learning English through play.
  • Stimulating the development of logical thinking.
  • Memory and perceptiveness training.


We encourage you to learn by playing with the Association Game for children, which awakens creativity and supports the development of skills of preschool children.



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  • Educational Games
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  • Puzzle games
  • Language games
  • Games for the whole family


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