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The Dinosaurs puzzle from EduBo is a fascinating journey into prehistory that provides not only fun, but also education. The set includes three different species of dinosaurs to discover, different levels of difficulty and guarantees the development of manual skills and logical thinking. Made of durable solid cardboard, ideal for children from 3 years of age.

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🦖 Dinosaur Puzzle - Discover prehistory with us!

We invite you to discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs with Dinosaur Puzzle from the EduBo brand. Perfect for little explorers who want to delve into the mysteries of prehistory and learn about different species of dinosaurs.


🕰 Did you know that dinosaurs lived for millions years ago?

With our Dinosaurs puzzles, your child will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of prehistory and learn about the different species of dinosaurs that lived on Earth millions of years ago. Each puzzle set represents a different species of dinosaur, while providing different levels of difficulty to adapt the fun to the age and ability of your child. Welcome to time travel!



🦕 Unique dinosaur features cardboard puzzles:

  • 3 sets of puzzles - different species of dinosaurs to discover.
  • Educational and fun - they allow you to develop manual skills and logical thinking.


🦖 A detailed description of the Dinosaur Puzzle:

Our Dinosaur Puzzle is not only fun but also educational. Thanks to them, your child will learn planning and logical thinking, develop their manual skills, while learning about different species of dinosaurs. The set consists of three different puzzles that represent different species of dinosaurs and offer different levels of difficulty. Each set contains from 6 to 18 elements that create a board of different dimensions.


🎯 Putting puzzles develops the child's abilities

Our dinosaur puzzles are not only great fun, but also a great way to develop your child's skills. Solving puzzles develops manual skills, logical thinking, as well as patience and concentration. Each arrangement shows different species of dinosaurs, which allows for educational fun.


📐 Dimensions of the puzzle and packaging dinosaurs cardboard puzzle:

Jigsaw puzzles are sized perfectly for little hands - each piece is big enough to be safe, but small enough to be a challenge. The dimensions of the multipack are the perfect size for storing or taking the toy on a trip.  Name Quantity of elements: Game board dimensions Pterodactyl 6 19 x 20 cm, Tyrannosaurus Rex 10 15 x 25 cm, Diplodocus 18 30 x 30 cm


🎁 Dinosaur puzzle - a unique gift for dinosaur lovers

Our dinosaur puzzles are the perfect gift for every little dinosaur lover. Regardless of the child's age, the puzzle consists of a different number of elements, which allows you to adjust the difficulty level to the toddler's skills. After assembling the picture, the fun doesn't stop there - the puzzle presents an amazing world of dinosaurs that you can watch and discover again and again!


💡 Available variants Puzzle dinosaurs:

The set includes as many as 3 different sets of puzzles that allow you to assemble up to 3 different dinosaurs:

  • Set #1 is Pterodactyl, a set of 6 puzzles
  • Set No. 2 is Tyrannosaurus Rex, set of 10 puzzles
  • Set No. 3 is Diplodocus, a set of 18 puzzles

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🔥Certificates / warranty Dinosaur puzzles:

EduBo dinosaur puzzles are compatible with CE and the Toys Directive. We guarantee the safety and quality of our products.



📚 Instructions for use and maintenance Dinosaur puzzles:

Puzzles are easy to assemble and maintain. In case of dirt, they can be gently wiped with a damp cloth. Remember to keep the puzzle in its original packaging to avoid losing pieces.



💪 Collaboration Dinosaur puzzles with other products:

Dinosaur puzzles are a perfect gift that can be supplemented with other toys from our offer, e.g. educational games or books about dinosaurs. Check out our wide range of products for children!


💬Dinosaur puzzles customer reviews/reviews:

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💡 Use of the product Puzzle dinosaurs:

Puzzle dinosaurs are perfect for children from 3 years of age. It's great fun for little lovers of prehistory, both at home and in kindergarten. They allow you to develop manual skills, logical thinking and perceptiveness.


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🌎 Get to know all dinosaurs and create your own dinosaur museum

With our puzzles your child can discover different species of dinosaurs and create their own dinosaur museum at home. Each dinosaur picture is a new adventure and a new history lesson.





Product Summary

Our Dinosaur Puzzle to not only fun, but also an educational experience that opens the door to the fascinating world of prehistory. Each set of puzzles represents different species of dinosaurs, thus creating different levels of difficulty that perfectly adapt the fun to the age and skills of your child. Unique dinosaurs that you can meet give puzzles a whole new dimension!

Puzzles have been produced with your child's safety and comfort in mind, and a diverse number of elements allows you to gradually increase the level of difficulty. Solving puzzles is not only great fun, but also a great way to develop manual skills and logical thinking.



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