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The Kuku card game is a simple and social game for 2-4 players to collect three cards of the same value or suit. The game is designed for both children and adults, and its rules are easy to learn.

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Kuku card game - shortcuts of the popular game kuku


Social card game designed for 2 to 4 players


24 game cards + one "manual" card

Gameplay and kuku rules:

Players should be dealt cards  of three pieces. One player has four cards, i.e. one redundant card. The rest of the cards form a pile.

After the cards are dealt, the remaining players clockwise pass one excess card to each other. The player puts aside the cards that have returned to him again with a redundant card. He draws a new one from the pile.

The goal of the game and to win the hand:

If one of the players collects three cards of the same value or suit, the player wins and shouts KUKU.



zasady gry w kuku


The description below for those more demanding :)



Discover the benefits of kuku for kids

It is widely known that card games for children develop, teach predict the movements of opponents and practice smartness. They also positively shape the competitive instinct and reflexes. That is exactly why the Kuku Game for children  is recommended by educators and psychologists. In addition, it is more popular than ever, because it allows you to effectively engage the youngest. It is a great alternative to games on phones or tablets. And this is worth its weight in gold, as well as the ability to play in a group.

At a time when many people joke that children are born with a smartphone in their hands, it is important that this metaphor has as little to do with reality as possible. Therefore, first of all, it is worth taking care of strengthening social ties. Secondly, cultivate the skills of spending time together. This applies primarily to the youngest. If young children do not learn to interact with others and deal with emotions (those related to both winning and losing), then in adulthood it can have a negative impact in every sphere of their lives.

And here comes the help of the game Kuku for children, which with its simple rules will involve every toddler. The card game Kuku can be a great "breaker" of the first ice in a new place. The first day in kindergarten and school, as well as at camps and camps is a great experience for the youngest. The game of kuku will relieve stress and integrate. The rules of this card game are not complicated. Therefore, it is ideal for impatient and quickly bored toddlers. You don't need much time to explain the rules of the game. There is also no fear that someone will not understand them, because they are extremely simple. And the high dynamics of the game and scoring points turn up the atmosphere during the game.




gra w karty kuku




Kuku card games - Why are they so popular?

Although the first association brings to mind fun and relaxation, scientists have long proven that card games have an exceptionally good effect on mental abilities. No wonder that from an early age popular card games are played at home, kindergarten or in clubs for toddlers. You certainly can't complain about boredom in this topic, because card games for children are extremely diverse.    Colors, figures, pictures, packaging of card games, as well as rules allow their various use - from fun to learning. One of the most popular card games for the youngest is the game Kuku Junior . Why is Kuku for children so popular? There are several reasons for this.

A classic game of kuku.

Anyone who remembers the "old days" at least a little knows the game of "kuku". This card game can keep players busy for a long time. Its rules are not complicated, and there are no restrictions on the number of players. Thanks to this, you can quickly and easily swallow the Kuku bug.

For a traditional Kuku game, you need a deck of 52 cards. The hierarchy of figures does not matter, because the winner is determined by who first collects three matching cards. In short, the winner in Kuku is a person who will have three cards of the same suit or three identical pieces. This can be decided by a stroke of luck, and then the win can be enjoyed just after the cards have been dealt. Of course, such luck does not happen often. However, it is safe to say that Kuku's game is extremely dynamic and individual games do not last long.   


Kuku card game - History

Before we present the rules of the game Kuku for children, a few words about its history. Kuku is a modified version of another popular card game - Kent. Kent was originally called "Cuadrado", which means "kant" from Spanish. The card game comes from the vicinity of Spain, and more precisely the Basque Country. Sources say that Jon Garcia introduced the game to Polish. Unfortunately, it is not known how exactly the first Kent games in Poland began, but the game has certainly become extremely popular. As a consequence, over time, a slightly simpler, more child-friendly version was born - the Kuku Junior game.

Kuku card game for kids.

Classic Kuku is a game that children can play with confidence. However, on the wave of popularity of this card game, versions of the Kuku game for the youngest were created. Card game developers have undoubtedly risen to the occasion, because Kuku Junior really appeals to small players. Of course, Kuku Junior is different from classic cards. The colors are different, and the figures have been replaced by... animals. After all, it is known that children love animals. And this is where we come to the place where we will explain why the little ones like the game Kuku Junior so much.

Kuku Junior is a color scheme tailored to the youngest recipients.

The traditional deck of cards has a specific color scheme. Neither red nor black are conducive to babies. Black creates a sense of weight and depression. As a result, it has an extremely negative effect on children. And both the colors of the environment and toys affect their development. Therefore, when adults choose various objects, it is worth paying attention to their colors. Consciously building a children's world is very important. The right choice of colors shapes, m.in further attitude and sensitivity. What is the conclusion? In Kuku, it is worth playing with small players with dedicated cards.

Kuku Junior perfectly fits into the colors of children's emotions. This is one of the reasons why small players like this game so much. Delicate, subdued colors are friendly and arouse positive emotions. As a result, Kuku for kids  is a great way to have fun full of positive vibes.



jak się gra w kuku



Kuku cards - What's on the cards?

Animals, or what children love the most . Another reason why the Kuku Junior card game stole the hearts of toddlers is animals. We can find them both on the packaging and, above all, on the cards. An ant, a dog, a shark, a frog, an elephant and a donkey - these are just a few heroes from a deck of 24 cards. The illustrations show animals in a realistic but also fairy-tale way. They have all their characteristic features. And it's not just about looks. The game Kuku Junior also shows, for example, the diligence of an ant or a stubborn bully. Thanks to this, small players while playing at the same time gain knowledge. And here we come to the next answer to the question why children like Kuku Junior so much.

Kuku Junior is a lot of learning. Kuku as an educational card game.

This simple card game for kids  is a great way to learn in the form of fun. It allows you to explore the world from an early age, overcoming the next stages of difficulty. Toddlers fix colors, slightly older children learn about animals and their features, and older children can practice learning letters and reading. There are two inscriptions on each Kuku Junior card. One is about the color of the card, and the other is the name of the animal in the picture. That's why the Kuku Junior children's game is great fun for children of all ages. Of course, it also improves logical thinking, strategic action, and is also a great memory training. Practicing interpersonal skills is also invaluable. And as everyone knows, learning through play gives children a lot of fun. That is why they are so eager to reach for the Kuku Junior card game. We guarantee that if it is on the kindergarten shelf with toys or in the home corner with games, it will certainly be one of the favorite games. It will provide relaxation, entertainment, learning, and additionally effectively distract from the TV or tablet.


Preparing for the game in the box

In Kuku there are no restrictions on the number of players, thanks to which the game works great in preschool, school and social conditions. It is possible to play in Kuku in two, but a larger group is definitely more fun. Additional fun are the different  types of Kuku game for children . Kuku with animals or Kuku with syllables not only entertain, but also teach. The only limitation may be the number of cards, but this is not a problem, because the decks can be easily combined, so the number of players can be really large.


How do you play in a kuku? Rules of the game in kuku.

How is it to play in Kuku? The shuffling person deals three cards to the players. She chooses a fourth for herself, which is a transitive and thus starts the game. Cards are dealt clockwise. If the same card is returned to the player, he puts it aside and takes a new card from the pile. Placed aside cards will create a new stack of hole cards - shuffled before use, of course. Each player strives to collect three cards of the same suit or in the same figure, sign, syllable (depending on the type of Kuku). To do this, he gets rid of the fourth card in his turn, which is the least suited to the rest. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to feel what is worth giving away. You need a bit of luck here. Whoever completes three cards of one type first shouts KUKU and is the winner. Remark. If this person does not shout kuku, and the rest of the players shout KUKU, then this person loses. Rounds can be repeated as long as everyone wants to play. Adrenaline is added by creating a ranking and recording who and how many times won.


Of course, you can play the version with penalties. "Punishments" must be adapted to the age of children so that the game brings a lot of fun and smiles. For example, a losing player can sing a song, recite a rhyme, make a romper or pretend to be the voice of a selected pet.

For older children, you can introduce the guessing of the kuku by the losing player. In a situation where all players except one have collected kuku, then the game ends and the losing player must guess the kuku of other players. By guessing another player's punch, the losing player redeems his penalty.



kuku gra karciana



See for yourself how you can spend great time during the kuku junior card game.

Kuku for kids is not
a strategic card game, but it certainly teaches logical thinking and trains memory. By remembering which cards are passed to the next person, you can predict which cards are held by the other players. It will also work perfectly as a party card game for the youngest.

Kuku syllabus? Or maybe kuku bite?

Discover all our products in our www.FabrykaPuzzli.pl store. Provide your child with many hours of great fun, and yourself - a return to the times of carefree childhood.



Sources of additional information and advice about Kuku

Want to know more about the popular Kuku card game? Check out these valuable resources:


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