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Game Associations - Trefl 01947 is an educational game for children aged 3-6, which develops observation skills, logical thinking and creativity through learning and fun.

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🎨 Association Game - Trefl 01947: Discover, Learn and Have Fun!

Welcome to Association Game - Trefl 01947 , where children learn to name and classify objects and phenomena, while having fun and developing their skills. This fascinating game from the renowned Trefl producer, designed for children aged 3-6, encourages creative thinking and supports the intellectual development of the youngest.


🌟 Associations Game Distinctions - Trefl 01947:

  • A game for preschoolers that develops the sense of observation and the ability to think logically.
  • Educational help that allows you to efficiently combine fun with science.
  • Unique pictures on colored cards to help identify individual concepts.

Association Game - Trefl 01947

📖 Game Description Associations - Trefl 01947:

Game Associations - Trefl 01947 is a educational educational game that combines elements of fun and learning, allowing children to develop observation skills, logical thinking and manual skills. The task of the participants is to combine puzzle elements into pairs, based on the associations evoked in the child. The game develops creativity, brings children closer to the surrounding world and provides a lot of fun.


🔬 Technical data / Specification of Associations Game - Trefl 01947:

Release year:< /strong> 2022
Age from : 3 years
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 4
< strong >Condition: new, full-fledged product
Model: 5900511019476


Association Game - Trefl 01947

🌈 Available variants Game Associations - Trefl 01947:

a) Name available colors, sizes, models, etc.

Association Game - Trefl 01947 is available in one universal size and version. unique colors that attract children's attention and encourage learning through play.

b) Providing information about product availability.

Product Association Game - Trefl 01947 is currently available in our online store. We encourage you to purchase and discover the fascinating world of learning through play!


📜 Certificates / guarantee Game Associations - Trefl 01947:

a) Providing information about quality, safety or ecological certificates.

Game Associations - Trefl 01947 has a quality certificate that guarantees the safety and durability of the product. In addition, the game was produced in accordance with European ecological standards.


b) Manufacturer's warranty information.

The Trefl manufacturer grants a 24-month warranty for the Game Associations - Trefl 01947 product, which confirms its high quality and reliability.


Association Games


📚 Instructions for use / maintenance Game Associations - Trefl 01947:

In the box with the game there is a detailed instruction that describes the suggestions for games and the rules of the games. Store the product in a dry and cool place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. We encourage you to regularly check and take care of the condition of the game elements.


🌟 Game Associations - Trefl 01947: The perfect educational toy for your child !

Cooperation The Associations Game - Trefl 01947 with other products:

The Associations Game - Trefl 01947 can be perfectly supplemented with other educational games and toys. Look for educational and for preschoolers products in our store to create a set of ideal tools for learning and playing for your child.< /p>


Customer opinions / reviews Game Associations - Trefl 01947:

We encourage you to leave your opinion about Game Associations - Trefl 01947! Thanks to this, other parents will be able to learn more about the product and its educational values.


Use of the product Game Associations - Trefl 01947:

The Game Associations - Trefl 01947 is especially popular among parents and guardians of preschoolers. The toy works as a learning aid at home, in kindergartens, schools, as well as in various types of educational activities and workshops for children.


Alternative names Game Associations - Trefl 01947 as users search for this model:

In search for Game Associations - Trefl 01947, users can enter phrases such as: Trefl Association Game 01947, Educational Game Association Club, Club Association 01947, Associations A game for preschoolers.


Alternative names of the type of product as users search on the Internet:

< p >When searching for educational games and toys, users can enter phrases such as: educational game for preschoolers, didactic game, educational toy, game for children 3-6 years old.


Association Game - Trefl 01947


Rules of Association - Trefl 01947

Age of players: 3-6 years old

Number of players: 1-4

The goal of the game is to connect three puzzle elements in pairs, based on the associations evoked in the child. The game helps children in finding connections between objects and develops language and logical skills.

🎲 Sample games:

1. Arranging

Distribute all the cards with the colored picture face up. The task of the players is to make three-way associations.

2. Racing

Distribute all the cards with the color picture up. All players try to find as many combinations as possible at once. The one who makes the most combinations wins.

3. Stories

a) The child's task is to create a short story for a given sequence of associations.
b) Put all the cards on one pile - lay out the cards one by one and create story.
c) Each player is given five cards and has to tell a story about these items.

4. Syllabics

Single cards with pictures to mix and stack:
a) Players in turn choose one picture and say the name of the item in syllables (for ease of use, each syllable you can clap)
b) Everyone in turn draws one card in such a way that the rest cannot see it. Then he says the name of the item in syllables. Whoever guesses the word gets a card. The one who collects the most pictures wins.


Association Game - Trefl 01947

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