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"Full Chicken Coop" is an excellent board game for the whole family, made of high-quality materials, which will provide many hours of great fun and will allow you to develop logical thinking and counting skills. The aim of the game is to get 9 hens and fill your chicken coop, and this game is for 2-4 players aged 6 to 99.

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📖 Manufacturer / Distributor Description for Product Full Chicken Coop Game - Kukuryku 3117

Full Chicken Coop Game - Corn 3117

🐔 Full Coop Game - Grow, Grow and Have Fun!

Creative board game for the whole family from the renowned Kukuryku producer. Full Hen House The game is a great way to spend time together, develop logical thinking and counting skills. Get ready for hours of great fun!

🌟 Product Highlights Full Chicken Coop Game:

  • 💡 Perfect entertainment for the whole family
  • 🧩 A game that develops logical thinking and counting skills
  • 🏠 Great fun at home, especially during the pandemic
  • 🌿 Made of high quality materials

Full Henhouse Game


Fun for the whole family

Game "Full Chicken Coop" is the perfect entertainment for the whole family, especially during the pandemic, when we spend more time at home. Having fun with your loved ones, without electronic gadgets, is a real treasure. All family members, regardless of age, will enjoy the game, which will allow them to have great fun, while developing logical thinking and counting skills.

Product advantages:

  • Fun for the whole family
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Easy and clear instructions
  • Develops logical thinking and numeracy skills
  • Perfect entertainment during the pandemic


Full Henhouse Game

Product description:

Full Chicken Coop consists of consists of 56 egg tiles, 48 chicken tiles, 36 hen tiles, 4 rooster tiles, 4 player cards with roosts, and 2 dice. The game is designed for 2-4 players aged 6 to 99 and the dimensions are 240x150x42 mm. EAN code: 5901738563117.

Before starting the game, players must sort all the cards so that eggs, chickens, hens and roosters are in separate piles. Each player takes one player card representing the perches in the henhouse and places it in front of him/her.

Goal of the game:

The goal of the game is to get 9 hens and fill your chicken coop. The game starts with the player who last ate the scrambled eggs, and players roll dice or make trades during their turn.


< img height="425" width="695" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" title="Full Henhouse Game" alt="Full Henhouse Game" src="https://fabrykapuzzli.pl/images/ac444/114000-115000/GRA-FULL-KURNIK-KUKURYKU-3117_[114157]_695.jpg" class ="def">


Game progress:

Players take turns your moves by moving your figure around the board and deciding which cards to collect. On the board there are fields representing eggs, chickens, hens and roosters, each of which has corresponding cards assigned to it. The player can decide whether he wants to collect the egg, chicken, hen or rooster. He can also exchange cards with other players or from the deck.

During the game, players may encounter obstacles, such as a fox that steals one of their chickens. If all 9 hens are collected, the player can choose to continue the game by collecting more cards or fill his henhouse and win the game.



🏅 Certificates / warranty Full Chicken Coop Game:

The product has quality certificates and a manufacturer's warranty Cookies.


📚 Use / Maintenance Manual Full Chicken Coop Game:

Included is a step-by-step manual that will introduce players to the world of Full Chicken Coop. The game does not require any special maintenance, just store it in a dry place away from moisture.


PDF Document

Full Kurnik rules and instructions A4 pdf

Download manual and game rules Full Chicken Coop - A4 pdf version for printing. (original)

Click on the PDF icon.




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< h3 >🏠 Product Applications Full Chicken Coop Game:

A game perfect for families, meetings with friends or game nights. Great for kids, teenagers and adults.


🔍 Alternative names Full Chicken Coop Game:

  • Full Chicken Coop Game
  • Board Game Full Chicken Coop
  • Full Chicken Coop 3117


🔍 Alternative names for board games:

  • Family Game
  • Educational Game
  • Puzzle game


Summary:< /h2> "Full Coop" is an excellent board game for the whole family, which will provide great entertainment and will allow you to develop logical thinking and numeracy skills. Designed for players of all ages, it will provide long hours of great fun and moments spent together with loved ones.   Full Henhouse Game



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Full Chicken Coop Game - Kukuryku 3117



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Full Chicken Coop Game - Kukuryku 3117



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