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Welcome to the Puzzle Factory, which is the official online store of our children's products EduBo.
In our offer you will find various forms of games, games and education, which are an indispensable part of the life of a developing child. In addition to our products, puzzles and games from proven manufacturers are available in the store.

We believe that a child learns most effectively while playing. And that's why we create
unique games that actively support the development and education of your child.

Puzzle i gry dla dzieci - Bajka Kraków
Our products are:
20+ years of tradition and experience in creating unique games for even more unique (albeit small) people! :)

1,000,000+ puzzles, games and activities created, which are played by thousands of children from all over Polish and beyond!

1 000 000+ satisfied children and parents who are happy to come back to buy more of our products.

Make yourself comfortable with us and then give your child:

Puzzles and puzzles that will teach them logical thinking and the ability to combine facts.
Educational, board and card games, thanks to which he will learn planning and a strategic approach not only to fun.
Creative sets and coloring pages that will stimulate in him inexhaustible layers of creativity, and maybe even liberate the soul of the artist.

All in the form of great fun, during which your child will learn colors, letters, numbers and numerous symbols. He will also learn what good and evil are (and learn to distinguish between them).

Do you have any questions for us? Use the convenient contact form or contact us directly via e-mail: hello@fabrykapuzzli.eu or phone: (+48) 667873384

Are you looking for a puzzle maker who will make your puzzles according to your requirements?
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