Adult card games have been a recipe for great fun during social gatherings for centuries, on every continent and in every culture. The first mentions of card games come from the 10th century, describing a game played with the young empress's leaves. Since then, this entertainment has spread all over the world and has been loved by successive generations. Known for a thousand years, card games still remain one of the best ways to spend free time. What are the most popular card games? The answer can be found in this article. Here is the TOP 7 all-time card games!


Timeless and cross-generational - most popular card games

It can certainly be said that there are cult card games and all kinds of novelties among them. The latter are created by manufacturers based on movie hits, TV series, or computer games. They are mainly aimed at children and teenagers. That's why you can easily find a Batman card game, Marvel Mayhem, Harry Potter playing cards, or something for the youngest, such as Paw Patrol, Toy Story, or Frozen. A card game based on favorite fairy tales is always a perfect gift.

Timeless and cross-generational - most popular card games

Card games have existed for many centuries

Traditional card games are timeless and every now and then they win against novelties and pop culture products. Cult card games entertain and effectively connect generations. They allow overcoming age barriers at the family table, and card games require the involvement of family members. It took us a long time to analyze which seven card games should be among the most popular. There are many card game variations, which made our task even more difficult.

1. THOUSAND - a cult card game

The most popular card game? One of them is undoubtedly Thousand. Interestingly, it is the only Polish game in the TOP 7 most popular games. Nonetheless, it has gained considerable popularity in Eastern European countries. Thousand is played in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, among others. It is true that this traditional card game is based on the French "mariage." In a slightly modified form, it gained more popularity than its predecessor. The card game of Thousand even found its place in Polish literature. It is described in "Pan Tadeusz." This testifies to its great popularity in those years. It is not a strategic game, but the ability to memorize the course of the game and tactics are crucial. The card game involves collecting the titular 1000 points. Whoever has a bit of luck and analyzes the cards can collect a thousand points and claim the title of the winner.

THOUSAND - a cult card game

2. BRIDGE - one of the most popular card games

Another position in the TOP 7 most popular card games is Bridge. It is considered a logical game. Bridge is played by four people, or more precisely, two pairs competing against each other. Players must be focused at all times. They must predict not only the moves of their opponents but also their partners.

The game itself is divided into bidding and play. First, players declare during bidding the taking of a certain minimum number of tricks. They then indicate the trump suit or its absence. The highest declaration becomes the final contract, which must be fulfilled during play. Points are scored by the pair who declared the contract and realized it. If the declaration is not realized, the opposing pair gets the points. The game is similar to Canasta. These most popular card games can captivate players for hours.

BRIDGE - one of the most popular card games

3. WHIST - a card game for four people

Talking about Bridge, it is impossible to omit Whist. It is, after all, the ancestor of Bridge. It has its roots in England and is intended for four people. Without a doubt, Bridge and Whist are interesting card games.

In Whist, playing pairs sit opposite each other. Each receives 13 cards. The players' task is to collect as many "tricks" as possible, which are cards laid on the table. The game continues until a set number of points is collected. We write "set" because the rules of the game and scoring differ depending on the country. The scoring is different in the United States, England, or Poland. This popular card game is quite dynamic and exceptionally liked worldwide.

4. RUMMY - a social card game

Next in the TOP 7 most popular card games is Rummy. It is also a logical game. While in previous games a specific number of players is important, in Rummy there is considerable flexibility. It is a famous card game designed for two to five people, or even more. Here, you simply need to add another deck of cards. Rummy also requires a lot of concentration from the participants.

Each of these games entertained European royal courts in the 15th to 19th centuries. In those days, card games were entertainment only for the rich, because the production of playing cards itself was very expensive, and thus their availability very limited. Over time, as printing houses were established, playing cards entered many homes. Today practically everyone has them. Card games have become very popular and the time has come for sports competitions in some of them.

We also have a curiosity. Rummy also comes as a word game. In the card version, 13 cards are dealt, and in the word variant, participants receive 13 dice. The game consists of arranging words from them.

5. POKER - the most popular card game

Another very interesting position is poker. Who among us does not know the saying "poker face"? The history of this game is not clear. The first mentions of it come from around 1824, from the descriptions of English and American players. However, it is highly probable that it originates from the Chinese card game mecca. This dates back to the year 900. Since then, poker has evolved and is more associated with gambling than with family entertainment.

In poker, participants receive cards from the deal, and then complete them to the combination they choose. After each deal, players bid according to their own discretion. Sometimes they do it according to the value of their cards, and sometimes as part of a bluff. Often the winner is the one who can bluff better and thereby mislead opponents. Interestingly, during tournaments and when the game is played for high stakes, the deck of cards can be exchanged even every game.

When asked which is the most popular card game in the world, many people would certainly answer - poker! The game has generations of fans.

POKER - the most popular card game

6. WAR - a quick card game for two

What are popular and fast card games? War is certainly one of them. This time it is a game perfect for two players, and the rules of the card game are very simple. The shuffled deck of cards is dealt between the players. Of course, neither player sees the opponent's cards. On command, both players reveal one card each. Then they compare their values. The one with the higher value takes both cards for themselves. If the players lay cards of the same value... war begins. War cards are covered with subsequent cards. The person with the higher card wins the entire pot. As you can guess, the winner is the one who takes all the opponent's cards. Interestingly, the popularity of this card game has led to the creation of even a game called War Junior card game, which is a variant for younger players. Such simple card games are worth having at home.

WAR - a quick card game for two

7. MACAO - a popular card game

The most popular card games do not fade away. Therefore, it can be confidently said that Macao is one of them. Its name comes from the Portuguese colony in China (and again China, the cradle of card games!) - Macau. The game is known in many countries, although its rules may vary slightly depending on the geographical location.

There can be two or more participants. Players receive five cards from a well-shuffled deck. If there are more players, more decks can be used. The rest of the cards lie in a stack with their values facing down. The starting player places the first card on the table. Then, following the clockwise direction, each player gets rid of one card. However, when discarding a card, they must match it to the one lying on the table - either in value or color. If the player cannot match, they must draw a card from the stack. On the other hand, if they have two or three cards of the same value, they can lay them down at once during one deal.

MACAO - a popular card game

The goal of the Macao game is to get rid of all cards as quickly as possible. When a player has only one card left in their hand, they must loudly say MACAO. And they must do it before the next player makes a move. Otherwise, they take a "penalty" card from the pile. The winner is the person who gets rid of their cards first. Macao is a very fast card game and enjoyable in play. Despite the competition, it causes a lot of laughter and keeps the attention of all players, as everyone is waiting for the cry of "Macao!" or its absence.

Definitely an interesting option is the Macao card game, which is a special deck for playing. There is also a version for children - Macao Junior.

Card games for 2 players: Ranking of the best games for couples using a traditional deck of cards

Playing cards have been with us for centuries, bringing a lot of joy and emotions during games. Nowadays, we increasingly reach for board or video games, but a classic card game for 2 people still has its undeniable advantages. In this article, we present a ranking of the best games for couples that can be played using only a traditional deck of cards.

  1. Texas Hold'em Poker - a popular card game with simple rules and huge excitement. Players try to make the best possible combination of five cards, having at their disposal two private cards and five community cards revealed on the table. Playing in pairs, we can apply the so-called "head-to-head" (one-on-one) variant of the game.

  2. War – a classic and simple card game for 2 people, which involves capturing the opponent's cards. The cards are distributed evenly between the players, and then both reveal one card. The player with the higher card takes both revealed cards. In case of a tie, the players reveal additional cards until the winner is determined.

  3. Blackjack - also known as "21". The game is about getting as close to 21 points as possible, but not exceeding this value. An Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, face cards (king, queen, jack) are worth 10 points, and the remaining cards have a value corresponding to their numbers. Playing against each other, one of the players takes on the role of the dealer.

  4. Cribbage - an original game in which players score points for various card combinations. The game is based on a scoring system, and the goal is to score 121 points. It requires a special board for recording scores, but it can be replaced by another recording system, such as on a piece of paper.

  5. Gin Rummy - a variant of the Rummy game, which involves collecting groups of cards (sequences or sets). The goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand, arranging them into appropriate groups. The game ends when one of the players reaches a predetermined point threshold.

The common feature of these games is that they can be played using only a traditional deck of cards, making them easily accessible and universal. Regardless of which card game for 2 people you choose, each of them can provide many hours of fun and emotions. A traditional deck of cards offers a wide range of entertainment options, and many of these games have simple rules that can be easily mastered. So try different suggestions from our ranking and discover your favorite card games!

Most popular card games - rate them yourself!

The most popular card games we have selected, the TOP 7 well-known card games, offer a whole range of possibilities for players. Each of the listed games differs in terms of difficulty or game length. However, they all work great for two to four (or even more) players. Some are played between individual players, while others develop well when played in pairs. Each of them has its own rules. But there is something that connects them all. They are irreplaceable during team-building meetings, holidays, and long winter evenings. The variety of card games in our compilation will allow everyone to find their favorite card game. It is worth noting that cool card games are not just a typical deck of cards, but definitely something more special.

Looking for the best card games? An excellent card game? Or simple card game rules?

There are quite a few best card games - but each one is worth checking out. Not all card games are for everyone. Find many types of card games in our store and choose the perfect one for you. A fun card game, a social card game, simple card games, or all-time card games, we will gladly help you if needed in choosing which card games to buy. Your new card game is already waiting.

What's your popular game about? Can you take a card from the revealed pile? What card games to play with children or the whole family? What are your favorite card games for 2 players?

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