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Paw patrol 2in1 game

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Paw Patrol Games 2in1 is a set of two card games for children: Piotruś and Memo, with characters from a popular fairy tale. Simple rules and practicing perceptiveness and visual memory make it great fun for the whole family.

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🎉 Paw Patrol 2in1 Games: Peter and Memo - Indispensable Card Games for Kids!

Cartamundi presents < strong >Paw Patrol 2-in-1 Games: Peter and Memo - two card games in one set that will surely interest both children and adults. Playing cards Peter Paw Patrol Cartamundi 1289001281 is great fun and a way to practice perceptiveness and visual memory. Give your child great moments and stimulate his mind!


🏆 Features of the Paw Patrol 2in1 game:

  • Two cards in one set - Peter and Memo.
  • Character images from Paw Patrol - kids' favorites on every card.
  • Simple game rules - easy to learn< /strong> for children.
  • Exercising perceptiveness and visual memory.</ li>
  • Excellent fun for the whole family.


Paw Patrol Games

📝 Product description Paw Patrol 2in1 Games:

Playing Card Set Peter Paw Patrol Cartamundi 1289001281 consists of two popular card games: Peter and Memo. The rules of the games are simple and quick to learn, which makes children love them instantly. All cards are decorated with images of favorite Paw Patrol characters, which makes the game even more attractive for younger players.

In game Piotruś</ strong> can be played by 2 to 4-5 players whose task is to match cards in pairs and get rid of their fan as quickly as possible. There is "Peter" in the deck, which is a card without a pair. Whoever is left with it at the end of the game loses the game.

MEMOS is another game that is part of the set. Turn the cards face down and try to find as many pairs as possible. You can face this task yourself or invite an opponent to play - the one who manages to find the most pairs wins. "Memos" is a game during which you train your visual memory, concentration, perceptiveness, while having great fun. The great advantage of this game is the beautiful graphics in the style of Disney. The deck contains 25 card leaves.


🔧 Technical Data / Specification Paw Patrol 2in1 Games:

Manufacturer Cartamundi
Age from 4 years old
Number of players from 2
Category card game, for kids
Barcode (EAN) 5901911002860
Weight 40 g
Dimensions 60 x 95 x 10mm
Lead time:
24 hours
Shipping Warehouse:
Krakow - Poland - Europe
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